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enjoyed my time-out there. that is all of the time we havelet this season. thank you for being with us. hope you have a great night. see you tomorrow in san diego. >> live and at large organized by political operators to disrupt the healthcare debate. >> have you heard sarah palin's incendiary statement about president obama's so-called death panel. why are mat stresses still >> how can california release 40,000 inmates when the ashes still should smolder from last prison riot. >> in los angeles tonight. before we bring you the latest in our continuing michael jackson homicide investigation including an unexpected get this, 60 million baumann sglau.
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the sans selled. up night the horrible wash in your lies. her teenager died when a small plane crashed into a hill copter. >> the accident flight was going to be a 12 minute big apple tour and the collision occurred authoritily after the helicopter left 30th street. >> you heard how the chopper was rising from the west 30th street heliport that heads down the hudson river which separates new york, thooeter jury. came up behind the do that remember. it was being controlled. it was being handleed by beater
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purchase ee. there are obligations pilots have all of them to be acare of traffic. any communications. >> we know on board he was playing with his pilot and the mother and teenaged son. we know about the helicopter for five italian tourists including two teen agers wowed with excitement of seeing the big apple in their ear. we we are looking at train to go do pilots and received. any other requirements for operating in the spare space. >> while we await the ntsb investigation. one sure area is where the small planes come from big cities require better regulation. >> it's a terrible tragedy.
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we have got to make sure that we -- the recovery effort as safely as possible. hopefully the national transportation safety board and faa will look at all of the regulations see if we have the right ones or not. >> i know one thing the nvs nts will find the helicopter pilot 33-year-old jeremy clark was a skilled experienced, prudent aviator. who had a smallest effort. paul says i know all that buzz jeremy and i spent the day together on the ground in a remote connecticut airport. unexpectededly bad weather made pushing on to our destination too dangerous in his professional opinion. during the hours we waited for the summer thunderstorms to pass
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he told me about himself how he come from new zealand how he recently become engaged to a lovely new jersey girl named danielle and how they were going to marry soon a start a family. i gave her my condolences. i offered all of the families involved but i wanted you to know jeremy was not only a good man he was a fer rific pil -- terrific pilot. now to the foun hall riots disrupting the healthcare reform debate. >> how would you feel physical a republican congressman attempting to touk had his constituents welfare reform or gun control is shouted down by plants from the afl cio. >> i don't think you have to talk to republican congressman. have you heard my speeches geraldo?
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i am glad to have liberals on the record against shouting down speakers. i don't think that's here's happening i have been gone in most of keys taises we do. a lot of them are old people. and as poles indicate and logical old people are concerned about what their end of life care is going to be under the democrat's li healthcare built. >> did you feel elderly for people who are learning medicaid and head care. we for bet d the healthcare bill as the polls indicate they are the most concerned. they also indicate most americans aren't wild about emotional takeover. >> pretty young. >> section 12:55 on management
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used encourage assisted suicide. not firing a law they are concern. >> i don't think they are fake i think they are sincere. a lot of them are professionals. >> that was the argument by democrats were we are like bob the boxer well pressed mob. >> let's see what's going on. let's roll the tape and see what has been di going on out there. roll it. got it? >> it reads like something brought up in the early 1930s in germany. >> at first i was stoked by those who don't want to change the system. >> their democrat park is vast majority of people getting my healthcare system.
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>> taun heel lettings. newer dorn he am hi father and i want to talk to you face-to-face. i am going to pay for huge support. this man would be given none whatsoever because he is a cerebral palsy handicapped person. >> if we put an amendment in that would -- >> the white house put health on human secretary kathleen s siblias. not that anybody on the other side seems to be -- but whether or not the healthcare protests are ultimately exposed as political upbringing ask hillary
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clinton how wrong it is to stop the debate. >> i am sick and tired of people who say you debate and miss agree you are not the same thun. the democrats they are wimp year. moufr it is the most important shouting they are being heard the others are not being heard. >> the comparison is probably the same. democrats are more animated by the war. we had debates during -- when people were out screaming about the iraq war or were shei showi yelling and harassing hillary clinton during her campaign. i think the conservatives are the most animated about healthcare because they oppose it. most support what the president is doing. i think people tend to show up
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when they are unhappy. they don't when they are not unhappy. >> listen to what a sarah palin put on. who will suffer the most the sick and elderly and disabled of course. the america i know and love not one with my parents. high programs but don't i want to take this wasn't they are worthy of healthcare such as systems are down right evil. isn't it down right evil to issue a statement so full of bs. there's nothing in any one's plan as far as i can see in which ger to go to piss bare. in society that's absolutely folk conductsed. >> i g disagree with you. only caption mags care far their
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we are don't worry the cost won't go up. you have a despicable bau. you are not going to suddenly provide healthcare for 45 million people and tell me the costs aren't going up unless there's going to be eye lo a lof rationing. that's the complaint with the insurance companies is if you give something away free you always have the common field problem wi in everyone where yo can buy as much as health insurance as up want and not be forced into insurance plans at that cover acupuncture and marriage counseling that's what happened in oregon, by the way. there's a basic caning of the
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they did say they ov that would happen. prir president obama have beened kav sat said have you seen it and it effects ordinary people. >> that's true. i also think we can sit here and trade stories. ann has the story she just told. there are a jill onstories who are left to die and can't get dancer treatment. >> it is not as though we live in a ue pope yaw with. i think costs will go up. i don't think we will -- more likely the shocks are going do stand up. voofz a vie enter right here
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>> this is our lovely sink where we shave and do our thing at wash up in the morning. this is our cabinet we had done for us. i am sitting on the toilet. this is our toilet. this is our kitchen and toilet area our spice rack is over here for our food. i do a lot of cooking. >> whether over crowding is a fact of prisons or southern california are in lock down today following a riot between black and latino inmates at the california institute for men up in chene yo. the 250 prison inmates were injured 55 of them serious enough to be hospitalized because of knife wounds in the mayle. substantial damage also done to the facility itself which will
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only cause more mayle. they have ordered a judge to do something governor schwarzenegger has been trying to do for the last three years. >> here's another option it that must be explored releasing 80,000 inmates. in general terms it will save 53 million in 2009 and 2010 releasing all of the undocumented prisoners to the federal custody could save us another $182 billion for 2009, 2010>> despite arnold's reassuring words when push comes to shove the quick fix even the violent sex offenders out on the street probably future
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california governor current attorney general jerry brown what does he have to say all about that? welcome to the program. you said 40 odd thousand must get out of those prisons. you don't have them in there for jaywalking and speeding. >> no. it's really hard to get into a california prison. a lot of those folks i wouldn't want to see the exact number. it's a pretty gi difficult and dangerous crowd. i don't think anybody really quite gets it. california prison system let's out 110,000 prisoners every year. that is more than 10,000 a month. okay? the problem is 70 percent of them come back. the problem is not releasing people it's keeping them crime free while they are out so you don't have to lock them up
10:18 pm
again. instead of prisoners still work. letting them out not at a fixed date but when they are judge sultab suitable. they have skills. that was all part of the indeterminant sentence that was changed. >> governor -- i am sorry. i call you governor because you were governor and you will be soon. >> you should call me governor. >> you are right in terms of protocol. governor are you making an assurance right now if e electe you will ensure it will not be violent inmates released under the quarter? >> violent inmates are released all of the time. so are sexual offenders once they serve their term. the tragedy is many of these people i don't know if it's half
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or 70 percent come back. they are doing something pretty bad. he served his time he was still violent. we need to revamp the sentencing so you judge the suitability. some get out early. that kinds of change i promise it would bring legislative cooperation. i could give you a tough approach the judges as opposed to 19 different decrees that they have to go along with. there are so many rules the legislature it's very hard to run this place when somebody knows what the hell they are doing it can be run but you have to be practical and the guy has to know how prisons operate in reality. >> tough minded knows what he is doing. sounds like a campaign slogan there. governor brown thank you for being with us. folks it happened 40 years ago tonight.
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>> when we arrived at the tate residents there were lights on outside. i went towards the house and i said we can stop. she said no i can't it's too late. the screams i heard from blood kurd elling chilling screams. >> i saw a man and he had blood all over his face and he looked
10:24 pm
right into my eyes and he was dying. but in his eyes i thought he was dying because of me. i thought about going to a house there were lights on the road and i was going to do that i said no don't do that they will find me they will kill all of those people. i went down the hill i got in the car and i stayed there and i waited. >> she is now 60 years old. up coming history channel special. she was the lookout for the manson gang. murdered sharon tate pregnant actress. then attempted to start race riots on the west coast. they tried to make it appear the
10:25 pm
awful crimes were committed by african americans using their victim's blood to write the word figu pig on the wall. the slaughter that many believe was the beginning the end of the decade of love in the 60s prime time and crime time takes you inside the mind of the most notorious killers and san quinton's most notorious inmates. >> i didn't have no parents. when you don't have any parents you got nobody there's no place they are going to take you off the streets and throw you somewhere. what you can't understand i have been raised up in a world you can't understand. i have been raised up in the penitentiary. there's no sorrow or remorse in the penitentiary you. come in the cell and you go in and find jesus or you don't. you either find jesus or the run with the devil. >> don't you think jesus would be appalled you were invoking
10:26 pm
his name? >> i didn't invoke anything. they put that on me. in any courtroom you convicted me of being the devil. if you believe in your own courtroom you convicted me of being a father of this country. you say that i am all of these things that you think i am. wouldn't that be more fearful than letting me try to be a nice guy? due want to make me into those things? do you need someone like that in your world? that's your judgment now. the judgment you are making on this mirror man you got to carry. you want to make me a terrible violent killer when actually in reality i am a deadhead, man. i have been dead since 1951. but everybody pushes me down and makes me into all of these things they need me to be. that's not me at all, man. that's not me. i killed nobody. i broke no laws.
10:27 pm
>> kimberly as a college kid in california you remember how terrified you were? >> yeah, everybody was terrified. charles manson was like the devil a human monster amongst us. people were terrified and it also didn't help race relations when they were trying to blame it on african american community. that was disturbing as well. you still feel frightened and terrified about it. he was really evil. >> creeps people out to this day. much more of that interview. kimberly stand by. our michael jackson investigation the latest installment exclusive coming up. the algae are very beautiful. they come in blue or red, golden, green. algae could be converted into biofuels... that we could someday run our cars on. in using algae to form biofuels, we're not competing with the food supply. and they absorb co2, so they help solve the greenhouse problem, as well.
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call now for a free trial offer of once-a-month actonel. and help reverse bone loss. >> from america's news headquarters in lauren sivan. president obama is in mexico for a summit with the leader sz of mexico and canada. three amigo's summit obama mexican president calderon and canadian prime minister is expected to work on trade immigration drug trafficking security issues as well as clean energy. there will be a news conference with the three. draining more from your wallet as gas prices continue to climb. national survey finding the national price went up $0.16 to 2.64 a gallon. that price still 1.2k0 less than it was last year. north carolina has the cheapest gas at 2.38 honolulu at 3.50
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cents. >> we now go back to geraldo at large on the fox news channel. >> we have a big at large michael jackson exclusive coming up, but first on the 40th anniversary more from my dramatic confrontation back in 1988 with charlie manson from san quinton. >> i admit i take responsibility everybody out there at the ranch. i take responsible for those 9 people. >> do you feel remorse? >> i don't know what that is. >> you are an evil person. >> i am evil. i am terrible. oh, yeah, i am awful. >> you are a murdering dog. >> i am a terrible dog. >> you are a mass murderer.
10:32 pm
>> mass murdering dog. >> did you tell those women to kill somebody? >> no. no. >> let me tell you something. the women i got i don't got to tell them what to do. if i got to tell them what to do i sit them up on the highway and get them away from me. i don't deal with women who don't kn i have to tell what to. >> they knew to kill. >> they knew to look out for me and take care of me. >> they knew to kill. they knew to kill pregnant women. >> i raised myself up. i got a different way of doing everything. i got my own way. does that make me bad? >> violent and bad. >> i am only as violent as i have to be. if i don't have to be if i lender i am not. i was raised up you got to fight
10:33 pm
you got to fight. i got 40 years fighting in here. i can't read and write i will fight. you like me i like you. you don't like me i don't like you. if you cut me i will cut you. whatever you point at me i will point back to you. >> i am in harmony with god. >> or the devil. >> you could use the word devil or demons or whatever you want to call it. >> mostly the devil in your world. >> okay i'll play, i'll play. there's no game i can't play. >> you are the devil. >> okay i'll be the devil then. >> you like that? >> i don't dislike or like anything. i see everything as it is. >> is it easy to take a life. >> i have never taken a life. >> is it easy to stick a knife into somebody? >> i never stuck anybody, stuck a knife in them. i cut them a couple times told them don't make me do this no more. >> why do people murder?
10:34 pm
why did those girls murder for you. >> they didn't murder for me. come back. that's not reality. >> what is it? >> reality is they did what they did. they are responsible for their own actions. i am responsible for my own actions. >> have you ever killed somebody? >> i have come close to somebody. i aent lying to you. if you think i am lying to you i am wasting my time and your time. do you think i would be here if i was guilty to him. >> you look guilty. >> see what i am saying the guy you are trying to make me into is impossible. you are care creating a legend, beast, whatever you are judging yourself with to the word manson. that's not me at all. >> you are not a beast charlie? you are a beast. >> i am whatever you need me to be. whatever you make me is what you
10:35 pm
will carry the rest of your life and forever. >> you named yourself charlie. >> haven't seen that interview in many years but seeing it it still gives me the same kinds of chilling feeling. did he alitier ality ter the ws lived in california? >> the drugs and murders ended whatever summer of love innocence that might have still persisted. when you try to get an adjective for that guy you can't. the truth is he is what he is. he is daning russ, whether he is crazy, mean, the devil, those are just words. we know he is. there are more people like that. maybe not as persuasive to young girls but they are people like that they have to be caught and locked up every time they doi something wrong. it's dangerous. it is a dangerous world.
10:36 pm
>> squeaky from took after got life for pointing a gun ant gerald r. ford. she served plenty of time. you think that's appropriate? >> i have not reviewed her case. people who followed are not manson. there are a few people that go along with things. after a considerable period of time they may well be released. i would say the texas correctional federal facility they probably no more than i do. >> i tend to agree. i agree with that. let me move on to michael jackson now. ladies and gentlemen, this is a fox news alert. sources buzz to embattled concert promoter aig said the film of michael jackson's preparations for the ill faded london concert tour over a veil of secrecy and tight security
10:37 pm
have been filled with tears running down the face. the film shows jackson on stage and backstage during his rehearsal. in the film jackson does not appear sick but obviously does not appear skeletal as has been pore vaid. they are punk actuals trying to spee jack done the environment, too. that was the chosen people for the come back conference. the monologues are not polished but look at the direction the kids wanted to go with these concerts but also we are the world in the list of songs to be performed in the rough cuts the film ends within a freeze frame as he exits the an hour later it
10:38 pm
would be. it was a price of $60 million according to my source the film's final editing will move from aeg to sony o universal. the planning s are to produce to films 90 minutes or less. the first october 30th, 2009 and don't look for any live concerts no jackson 4 in the meantime something like that. sony universal has made a decision that aeg it is relief. any attempt to rush a substitute jackson live performance will undermine audience anticipation of the film. the 60 until will be paid. the family campaigns to rein an
10:39 pm
attempt to short thing. again threatening to sue me for slander the drug is for aag he refussed to say what the error are. the 17th win another insurance policy. the policy we are told did not cover up illicit illegal drug use. there is a question as to whether or not aeg will be able to collect as greg and larry seidlyn. >> mary chenovich so far denied being involved in this. judge si seidlin paid much for
10:40 pm
that. they don't do the search warrants until they have got to have this sur gent is going to be the one at the same pot sdom. exclusive prescriptions giving drugs to a known adduct. >> the ap is recording hours before michael jackson's death his doctor admitted to multiple sedatives along with a powerful anesthetic pro prop paul. they were within normal geed lines. the levels of demerol and xanax or other powerful drugs were
10:41 pm
also found in jackson's system. >> the fact that this search war rent remains yet it's someone signed obviously the da's office. he is the primary target. the other doctors are going to get home interest this event. lso. >> i thi i don't think he just f natural causes or whatever. something happened. >> as a jackson told geraldo to have michael kill the to collect he knows and concert promoters may have been behind the plot. los angeles times is reporting the voice of london policy ae dooshg took off. it does not cover any lostses --
10:42 pm
resulting from the illegal permission tore put his -- michael believed he was following his doctor's ardz but can the insurer wrav drug problems is in jep arred ge -- jeopardy. you had to have blood taken physically examined a doctor and had to fill out the rapcation. which will be a twu of them will be one dime. let's get me say without rez station denies absolutely are a spott
10:43 pm
spotter. valium, ambian, ox cotton can be obtained by a doctor for a prescription. >> you can take those drugs and die from those drugs? >> that is an accidental overdose. >> when we come back our panel terrific panel best in the business after this. will everyone with constipation please report to gate 17? thank you so much. constipation's uncomfortable enough, so why take a harsh laxative? phillips' caplets work naturally with your colon... for overnight relief without cramps. phillips' caplets.
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>> okay. welcome back live everybody. our wonderful panel over here on the left jay randy the best michael jackson buyer by far updated his seminole work. calls it michael jackson the magic madness and the whole story. defense attorney and sitting to my left ken baker of e news. he's the senior news editor. let me start with you. do you believe what appears likely that michael jackson died of an accidental overdose gross negligent overdose or reckless overdose on the part of the doctor ron rad murray? >> certainly. i think michael jackson knew that he had certain addictions on the way. managed them in the best way he could with doctor's assistance. something went terribly wrong here. i have known michael it's a tough story for me.
10:47 pm
i remember back in 93 when we first realized he had an addiction. it was such a surprise. when he was burned in the mid 80s in the soft drink commercial and they had pain-killers i was at the hospital he refused the pain-killers that night because he didn't want to get addicted. >> like ronald reagan. >> yet it seems so unlikely, mark, this is why i come back to aeg, that conrad murray was giving him these lavish doses of drugs obviously dangerous and nobody knew better? >> i don't know if nobody knew about it. it was so much speculation you don't know the toxicology -- >> you read it and you see what the evidence is, they were totally different. i don't buy 90 percent of that.
10:48 pm
i would suspect -- >> do you doubt conrad murray would be indicted? >> i don't know that i necessarily doubt it. it depends some degree on what levels the toxicology is. if it's just present. >> what about elvis toxic? >> remember what happens with elvis' doctor. he was not suspended until ten years later. i am not so sure just because they are president that that's an indictment. if he is indicted i am also not so sure they don't throw the book at him and do second degree murder thinking maybe they can plea bargain down to voluntary manslaughter. >> you haven't heard he already copped a plea? >> i have not. i haven't made a decision yet. i make this with my own good
10:49 pm
sources. >> i trust your sources. tomorrow monday you have kathleen asking for lawyers for ability to challenge this on the he is skate will she go forward despite the danger the will specifically states she can't challenge for risk of losing? >> there is obviously danger. she is contesting the validity of the will. in the will it said she would be the guardian of the kids. if she is challenging on a specific issue these two gentlemen should not be executors of the bi will that'se thing but if she goes for a broad challenge of it it's putting her into question. a lot of money in the estate. they have already put together 100 million in profits they can see almost immediately from different merchandise. the family had no say in it and
10:50 pm
they want it. >> priscilla and lisa marie control that state, yoko ono controls his john lennon's. >> michael jackson did work to keep his family out of his business for a long time. i know that. >> michael did like him. >> john? >> michael was best man at john's wedding. there would be no estate. the guy put together the capital. >> let me take a break. we are going to broaden it to brittany spears and her come back after this. [ female announcer ] does your dishwasher suffer from post party sickness syndrome? there's a revolutionary cure. it's called cascade all-in-one actionpacs.
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and it's like adding the ultimate button to your dishwasher. because it has the power to pre-wash... dissolve... and rinse the whole mess away. so in the morning your dishes will feel like new again. and so will you. cascade complete all-in-one actionpacs. for a perfect clean, every time.
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>> before i start the discussion
10:54 pm
about brittany spears who is having a successful come back tour and asked whether or not she might be the next one at risk i want to talk about the pie og fee inside the dream. i want to ask mark the insurance doctor a in michael jackson's ce gave him the flying colors aaa rating. dr. david flavin ear, nose and throat guy who had problems of his own in terms of commercial disputes, et cetera. it sounds like he could be an insurance fraud or, you know, guild thei event. >> depends. clearly if the insurance company if the person wanted it in the past they have come ki some kin financial relationship that's the first place they can do. >> it was supposed to have an im
10:55 pm
medical examination. if that was not in there that's what we talk about. >> i want to ask steve do you see parallels? >> being child stars they have to face fame. fame with both of them have been in danger with it destroyed him. we see the come back facade. but what's the private truth which i am carrying celebrities. you see michael jackson -- he was dancing with superiority beyond 20 or 21-year-olds. we see brittany, too, teen choice awards. everything looks great. what is the truth behind celebrities. my concern for brittany is return to the golden hamster wheel performer. >> golden hamster wheel performer. in michael jackson's case it
10:56 pm
seems to me everybody closest to them i am not close to his family everyone the professional people around him enabled him and those who did not those who set off the alarm after they lost control in brittany's face whatever district i have chemical she was taking provided by people who should have been taking care of her. they really did -- >> they had the best interest at heart. she is lost when she doesn't perform. her big problems will begin when she turns away from the spotlight. she needs to retreat from michael jackson. >> she will stay on the road idol hands make devil's worship whatever the saying is. >> that's the pattern derailing her. she is a performer in the zone
10:57 pm
she is safest there. her biggest problem is when she steps away. she is a person. >> britt britney inside the dr. have you heard the story the child star the provider of the sperm. do you buy that? >> what a shame this guy came forward. >> he wants contact with the family. he's legit he's a friend of michael, no doubt about that. if he wanted to have contact with the family write a nice letter. that's how you get contact with the family. it's a problem. >> big story coming up. thanks for watching. the algae are very beautiful. they come in blue or red golden, green. algae could be converted into biofuels... that we could someday run our cars on. in using algae to form biofuels, we're not competing with the food supply. and they absorb co2, so they help solve the greenhouse problem, as well.
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we're making a big commitment to finding out... just how much algae can help to meet... the fuel demands of the world. this is my verizon small business specialist, tom. now, i know the catering business but when i walked in here i wasn't sure what i needed. i'm not sure what i need. tom showed me how to use mifi to get my whole team working online, on location. i was like, "woah". woah ! only verizon wireless has small business specialists in every store to help you do business better. you're like my secret ingredient. come in today and connect up to five devices on one 3g connection. now only $99.99
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